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OPP: Annoying At Super Bowl Party


Here is the email from today’s OPP…

My college buddies have been getting together every year for almost 10 years to watch the Super Bowl. It’s the one time we always get together. Girlfriends have come and gone. A couple of us are now married. But it’s been cool … until this year. One friend started dating a girl that we all hate. She is beyond annoying. He knows we hate her and he still wants to bring her to the Super Bowl party. What should we do?

Slacker and Steve say that he is going to start getting faded out.  If he brings his girlfriend, “Jenny Annoying Pants,” he is choosing her over all of his friends.  They think this is maybe his last ditch effort to get them to like her but this is a terrible time to do it.  It’s the biggest game of the year and she’s going to ruin it for all of them.  And why would he want to subject his girlfriend to all of his friends who can’t stand her?  More importantly than this OPP now is Slacker and Steve trying to find someone to make them “Jenny Annoying Pants” t-shirts.

 What advice do you have for Rick?

I really hope I have never been considered that girl.  But, I’m pretty amazing so I’m thinking that’s not the case.  I think that Rick needs to just man up and tell his friend that none of them want his girlfriend there.  But if she does come, they should have a plan and a buffer. 

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01/31/2013 5:47PM
OPP: Annoying At Super Bowl Party
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