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OPP: 17-Year-Old Wants a Baby

Today’s OPP:
“Yi! I’m 17 years old and I have a very clear life plan. I’ve thought everything through and worked very hard to make sure I stay on track. I have straight A’s in school and have taken AP courses to earn college credits. I could have graduated high school early but decided to stay so I could get as much done as possible. Now that I’m ahead, I want to take some time off before college and have a baby. I want to get my master’s degree and I know if I wait, I’ll be in my 30’s before I have a baby and I don’t want to be that old.  That’s what my aunt did and she had a lot of complications. I know people will think it’s a bad idea, but my sister had her son when she was young and everything worked out fine. She has a degree and a really good job, so I know I can do it too. Thanks!
P.S. I know you’ll ask about the dad, and no I don’t have a boyfriend. I don’t really care who the dad is because I don’t think boys my age are as responsible as I am yet.”
Slacker is not okay with this at all.  Teen pregnancy is not something that a young person should seek.  Steve, on the other hand, is proud of her because to be so young and so “put together” is an admirable quality.
What advice do you have for her?
I can’t relate to this at all.  I’ve always been put together and I’ve always known what I’ve wanted but at 17 I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up and which college I wanted to attended, not that I wanted a child- before my college education, of all things.  To also think that getting pregnant by a rando is a good idea simply because boys aren’t as mature yet is highly unwise as well.  I don’t wish to judge Olivia (to each their own of course), but pregnancy and motherhood is not something to be taken lightly and just because someone else in her family did the same thing and it worked out doesn’t mean she will get the same results.  I guess why this resonates with me so much is the fact that, as a woman, I don’t think I want children at all.  Of course that could always change, but I’m too career oriented right now (and I’m in my twenties) to think of domestication so the fact that a 17 year old girl with so much before her wants to make such a significant life decision without putting all the pieces together first- college, marriage (or at least a seriously committed relationship with someone she loves), career… then baby.   
Stay classy!
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03/27/2013 5:44PM
OPP: 17-Year-Old Wants a Baby
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