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OPP: &-Year-Old Smoker


Jess’s 7-year-old son is fascinated with cigarettes and smoking.  He stares at everyone who smokes; he sees it in a movie and pretends to do it constantly for days! Jess even caught him rolling up paper towels and trying to make his own cigarettes.  Jess has talked to him multiple times about how disgusting and unhealthy it is, but he never believes a word she says.  The only thing Jess can think of to make him stop with this obsession is to make him smoke.  Jess hopes that the taste is so gross that he gets sick, scaring him out of smoking for the rest of his life. 

Steve believes that if his parents would have made him smoke that it wouldn’t be a habit like it is now.  Because Slackers dad smoked it deterred him from smoking and drugs, he sees so many negatives in it that the whole smoking thing is gross to him!

What’s your advice?

I’ve never smoked, but my mom’s babysitter gave her a drag of her cigarette one time, which made her really sick and since then she has never had a cigarette.  Not saying this is a good idea, but it did work in scaring my mom away from smoking. 

Intern Lauren
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03/18/2013 5:33PM
OPP: &-Year-Old Smoker
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