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Some of us have weird quirks that are funny…and some of us have crazy rituals that can only be called one thing…OCD!  We realized Steve was OCD when using the bathroom.  Everything has to be in multiples of four, four paper towels, four squirts of soap, etc.

Steve only used fours of everything in the bathroom, while Slacker doesn’t even bother with clean hygiene Slacker used to have ticks about the copy machine, whenever he used to walk past the copier he would have to press the copy button.  He also leaves the copy machine up; which annoys the begeezes out of Steve!

What weird, crazy, OCD rituals do you have?

Using the restroom at my house it bothers me to pieces if the toilet seat is up! I also get mad when the lid is left open; when you flush germs go everywhere! People just need to close that thing; it’s sooo gross!

Intern Lauren

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05/20/2013 6:18PM
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