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O.P.P Collagen for Christmas


Today’s OPP was confused when she received her 18-year-old daughter’s Christmas list this year. She wants collagen lip injections because she in self-conscious about how small they are. Mom and Dad are contemplating between yes and no because it’s not breast implants or other plastic surgery. She is going to be a legal adult in a week, but they are wondering if 18 is too young for surgery.

Slacker says it is not surgery. Parents should help improve her self esteem because that’s their job, to tell her she is pretty the way she is. Slacker’s wife was told by her mother that she needed Botox in between her eyes, so she got it. And she is gorgeous. But he thinks it makes the girl look more sexual and when she turns 18 and can pay for it herself, then by all means go get the collagen.

Steve thinks that 18 is not too young to improve one’s self conscious. He thought they’d start getting it done at 13. He would let his daughter if he had one, because she is 18 and it would improve her self esteem. 

What should the parents do? Is 18 too young for surgery?

I am a bit torn between yes and no because if she wants lip injections, get a job and go pay for it by yourself. But also, this society is telling her she needs to have bigger lips to be beautiful which I think is stupid. I mean, being an 18 year old in this society is hard because there’s a standard woman have to live up to. And sometimes that standard is unrealistic.

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12/10/2013 5:22PM
O.P.P Collagen for Christmas
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