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O.P.P. Back-up Plan


Yi guys! I have been best friends with a guy since high school. When we were younger, we made an agreement that we would get married if we were both single when we turned 30. He just turned 30, my birthday is coming up in a few months and we're both single. He mentioned our agreement jokingly around his birthday and now I'm really thinking about it. We've been friends for so long and we both know everything about each other. What could be so bad about it? I know it sounds like a bad chick flick, but is there anyone else out there that has done something like this? Thanks!

What advice would you give Anna?

Slacker doesn't think this is a terrible idea. Who better to settle with, than your best friend? Slacker thinks that a lot of women hit their 30's and 40's and marry the first man who's nice to them. "I've made a pact with a person that when we got to a certain age we'd get married. But it never happened, obviously." He has done smaller pacts, but nothing like marriage. I believe I'm  always right, and zero percent of the population will have a story to relate to this."

Steve says that people settle. All the time. If the relations are terrible then leave that relationship. The guy she made a pact with, is fishing for the marriage. That's why he brought it up to her on his birthday.
I think she should date him first, duh! Marriage is a little fast. At least test it out, and if you're compatible then awesome, if not, move on.

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01/02/2014 5:38PM
O.P.P. Back-up Plan
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