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No Laws


You’ve probably seen the commercials for the new movie “The Purge”… It’s a movie where there are no laws for 12 hours. We want to know… If there were no laws for 12 hours, what would you do?

From the two and a half minute clip Slacker, Steve and Lil D this is what they have collected from the film “The Purge”.  Everyone gets along, there is no crime… it is like utopia.  Except for one night out of the year where 12 hours there are no laws.  We want to know what would be your vice; drugs, stealing, murder? Slacker isn’t too sure that a purge is his thing unless if whatever you obtained in those 12 hours you could keep forever… Then Slacker would rob a bank.  Lil D on the other had might have the most elaborate, plan yet… For the first ten years of the purge he wouldn’t do anything and just same up all of his disposable income.  On the 10th year of the purge he would purchase a jet and parachute… Right once the purge began he would be in New York to take out Mariah Carey, once she was take care of he would head to Toronto to take out Celine Dion… Back in the jet flying over a desert in Nevada he would put the jet on auto pilot jump out and have the jet crash into the Kardashian abode in hopes to taking all of them and and Kayne.  

Intern Lauren

(Photo courtesy from freedigitalphotos.net)

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06/10/2013 4:28PM
No Laws
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