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New $100 Bill Could Be Worth $15,000!!

New $100 bill worth $15,000?  Possibly. 

The Federal Reserve Board released its new, redesigned $100 bills yesterday, adding a splash of color and stylish flourishes to the currency featuring Benjamin Franklin's ever-familiar face. The new bills also boast a number of upgrades to thwart counterfeiters. So how much do you suppose the new bills will each be worth? For some, much more than $100.
Depending on their serial numbers, their value to currency-collectors could go as high as $15,000 each
The Globe explains that collectors view certain 8-digit serial numbers as "fancier" (meaning more rare, and thus more collectible) than others. The fanciest numbers, according to collectors, include ones exceptionally low: A new $100 bill with the serial number 00000001, for example, might fetch up to $15,000.

There will be more than one such bill, because each issuing Federal Reserve Bank prefaces the serial number with a letter code designating which bank produced the bill.
Other types of "fancy" numbers are highly sought after. These include "ladders," which have their numbers in sequence (e.g., 87654321), "repeaters," which have two sets of the same four digits (e.g., 41124112), and "solids," which have eight of the same digit (e.g., 44444444).


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10/09/2013 7:39AM
New $100 Bill Could Be Worth $15,000!!
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