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Never Lend To A Friend

I’m sure everyone has lent out something with some importance and immediately regretted it. A good friend lent out his Bentley to his friend to drive. The friend ended up getting drunk and crashing the very, very expensive car into an apartment building.
Slacker let a child borrow his guitar for a talent show and after he performed, the child destroyed the guitar on stage! The guitar was worth thousands of dollars, he was not very happy. If you start putting panties on your wall, Slacker wants credit!
Steve had a friend who let him use her bedroom to partake in some activities. When the friend came back into the room and removed his razor, she realized he had totally cut up her family’s very precious table.
What's the craziest thing you've lent someone?
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08/26/2014 6:52PM
Never Lend To A Friend
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