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Sometimes you get good ones and sometimes you get bad ones. We're talking neighbors! Did they pound on the floor 24/7? Did they throw things over the fence into your yard? Did they set your house on fire? A California woman sprayed a 7-year-old boy in the face with poisonous weed killer. Cops aren’t sure what her reasoning was, but she had been involved in other incidents before. A man from Massachusetts was arrested for doing yard work in the nude. A family even had to take their infant to mall parking lots to get a nap in because their neighbor wouldn’t stop stopping her feet... Yikes!  
Slacker talked about a story of a man smoking a cigarette on his joint balcony. When the neighbor asked him to not smoke because he could smell it, the guy refused, so the neighbor went back inside and came out with his BB gun and shot the neighbor three times in the face. What! Slacker’s previous neighbor had noticed what time he was waking up, which let me remind you was at 3:30am! “I noticed you don’t get up at 3 in the morning anymore.” Creepy! Slacker now has only one neighbor who he says is great.
Steve doesn’t really have the crazy neighbor problem. Living on a farm must be nice!
Have you ever had a bad neighbor?
Intern Alli
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08/12/2014 5:06PM
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