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Natural Disasters

We know natural disasters are sad and take lives, but if you've ever been through one you probably have a pretty amazing story to tell! Like the guy that was recently struck by lightning and lived to tell about it!
A Georgia man was blown out of his work boots when lightning hit him over the weekend, and he even took a photo of his smoking shoe. He was raking leaves over the weekend when a bolt of lightning hit him in the right foot. He said, "I heard a loud crashing sound. A few moments later I was picking myself up off the ground. I had the taste of blood in my mouth. I noticed my leg was burning a little bit." He only realized that he had been hit by lightning when he looked across his driveway and saw his boot still smoking. His wife later rushed him to local hospital, where he was treated for an irregular heartbeat and kept overnight.
Slacker says he has never laid eyes on a tornado. He says that anyone who chases after tornados is crazy because a cow or even a pencil could hit you!
Steve claims that he survived the biggest doomsday of them all, Y2K! He also says that he used to watch tornados destroy other towns around him but they would never hit his town. Steve says an Indian told him it was because his town had 3 rivers. He also says that he climbed Mt. Saint Helens the day before it erupted!

Lil D says that he narrowly survived a tornado. He talks about how his sister, mom and he were all driving though a random town when they heard a tornado warning. Lil D says the tornado was in a field close by and his mom flew down the interstate to safety. He says that later on, at a hotel, he turned on the T.V. and saw that the town was destroyed by the tornado!
What is your natural disaster story?
Intern Tyler

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06/25/2014 4:21PM
Natural Disasters
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