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Our friend is a nanny for this family and her bonus was a lot lower than what she usually gets paid. She is confused as to what she should do. To make it more weird the family's kid is the one that gave her the envelope of money...

Slacker says he doesn’t know what she should do. Lil’ D brought a new angle on the situation because he questioned is the reason the kid gave her the envelope because they put less money in there? Hmm… Slacker thinks that if the kid stole it then looks through his/her stuff to find it.
Steve asked if the kid stole the money. They have other envelopes at home and this kid could’ve easily gotten a new one after taking some out of her bonus. Steve says it’s a bonus and she should be grateful that she gets it. She should write a thank you card and say thank you for the X amount of dollars and put the ball in the parent’s court so they can bring up the money.

Should she confront the family? Or just move on and not say a word?

I think she should ask. I mean, what if they only gave her less because she did something wrong? She needs to know so she can change it. Or what if the kid took it? That’s not fair!
Intern Nikki

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02/03/2014 4:18PM
Nanny Gate
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