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My Life is a White Trash News Flash


A family brawl over fast food… seeing your mom doing a strip tease… your cousin stabbed your uncle… We want to hear what makes your life White Trash News Flash!
A Man Tells His Teenage Son to Pull Up His Pants . . . and the Son Stabs Him
Last week in Indiana, a dad was home with his 18-year-old son . . . and the son was wearing SAGGY PANTS.  So the dad told him to pull his pants up.  And the son responded by . . . grabbing a knife and STABBING HIS FATHER in the chest.  He was arrested for battery.  Fortunately, the father is expected to make a full recovery.

Man Cuts Brother With Sword Over Fake Pot
A Florida man attacked his brother with a sword during a feud over fake pot.
Charlotte County Sheriff's Deputies arrested William Russell Voswinkel Jr., 23, for allegedly swinging the sword and cutting his 21-year old brother in the hand during an argument about buying synthetic marijuana.
When police arrived they said there was blood throughout the house and on the floor. Voswinkel has been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

A man from Port St. Lucie, FL beat his brother-in-law with a Taco Bell burrito.
The 16-year-old boy had been disrespectful to the man's mother so he asked her to bring him the burrito.
The brother-in-law threw the burrito "with force" at the kid and hit him in the face spreading "burrito cheese, sauce, and meat all over his clothing and face."
Cops threw him in jail, but when he gets out, he says the kid is "going to get knocked out."

A Florida couple's argument over the boyfriend's habit of scratching himself down below resulted in an arrest for misdemeanor battery.
A woman complained to her boyfriend that it was rude and disgusting to be "scratching his testicles" while she was about to eat dinner.
She told deputies that he began yelling at her, pushed her into the kitchen, causing her to get a scratch on her ankle, then threw her out of the house.
HE told deputies that she punched him in the eye for "scratching his balls", and the he pushed her through the door in self-defense.
He had no visible injuries, but Petrarca did have a scratch on her ankle.
The boyfriend was arrested.

A Woman Shows Up at Her Kid's Elementary School Assembly . . . and Starts Dancing Topless on Stage
On Friday, in New York, a 24-year-old woman showed up to her kid's elementary school during an assembly, randomly went up on stage, started dancing . . . then STRIPPED TOPLESS.  School officials rushed to get her off the stage, and called the cops.  She's facing several charges . . . and hasn't explained WHY she decided to strip at the assembly.

What makes your life a white trash news flash?

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03/29/2013 6:27PM
My Life is a White Trash News Flash
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