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A 32-year-old Orlando man has been fined over $130,000 because of his extremely messy yard. He says his motto "is to grow life and love" while taking a cue from a Japanese farmer/philosopher who pushed for natural farming. His neighbors point out that his yard is not a farm, and it's not zoned for it. And his yard is ugly. It's covered in tree stumps, weeds, tall grass, un-pruned fruit and veggie plants, and even trash. It's hurting property values in his neighborhood and the neighbors have had enough.
He's been fined over $130,000 this year, but he's appealing to the Florida Supreme Court to have a lower court's decision upholding the fines overturned.

Also, as the Los Angeles Lakers were losing yet another game at home on Sunday, the action on the court was nothing compared to the action inside one of the Staples Center's bathrooms. Witnesses heard a lot of moaning and groaning coming from inside one of the ladies' rooms. They were so disgusted they called for security who went in and busted up a couple as they were in the middle of their tryst. According to one witness, "Everyone in the bathroom could hear them. It was like they did not care!” The couple laughed as they were escorted out. These days, it seems this is the only type of scoring going on during Lakers games.

Look, we're a classy person. But hidden deep within, you have one thing that makes your life a little trashy. What makes your life White Trash News Flash?

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01/08/2014 8:31PM
My Life is White Trash News Flash
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