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My Kids Will Never Know


We've all done things we're not proud of. But the shame of your past would be even worse were your kids to find out about it! Mommy stripped in college and daddy got arrested in Thailand. Mark Wahlberg is embarrassed by his underwear modeling past and dreads the day when his kids are old enough to be embarrassed by it themselves.

Slacker isn’t sure whether or not his kids know- or if he’ll tell them- that he and his wife were married before. He’s not sure if he’ll tell his kids much about his past because he doesn’t want them to think he’s condoning that type of behavior considering he did so without ever getting caught. When Steve’s nephew came to him and ask about his past drug use Steve was open because he was put on the spot. It’s mostly okay to keep your past from your children unless they ask you directly because you shouldn’t lie directly to their face.  

What have you done that your kids will never find out about?

Stay classy!
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08/21/2013 4:23PM
My Kids Will Never Know
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