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Challenge! Name ONE sequel that was better than the original! We’re certain it can’t be done!

Slacker and Lil D both agree that Back to the Future Part II is definitely a notable sequel (the same can’t be said for Part III). Steve thinks that the second Hangover is way better than the first one. But both Slacker and Steve don’t believe that any sequel ever made is BETTER than the first one…

Can you name one??

I do have to say that Toy Story 2 is a really well-made second movie, but it certainly doesn’t rival the first. In the end I think it’s impossible to think of a movie that outdoes its original because you can’t have a good second without a good first.

Stay classy!
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03/13/2013 7:24PM
Movie Sequel
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03/13/2013 7:51PM
Terminator 2
You guys are killing me?? Also there is Aliens!!! I pulled over to call and it was BUSY, I finally had something good to say.Thxs Holly
03/14/2013 1:10PM
Back to the Future 2
I agree that you can't have a good 2nd without a good 1st, however, if I'm choosing to watch one or the other I always pick the 2nd one.
03/14/2013 4:24PM
3 Movies Better Than The Prequels...
Terminator 2, the Two Towers, and Wrath of Khan.
03/14/2013 4:26PM
3 Sequels...
Three sequels better than the original: Terminator 2, the Two Towers, and Wrath of Khan.
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