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A grandmother is Phoenix is now facing charges against her because she had drugs plants on her son-in-law. She had her granddaughter of 9 years old plant several bags of cocaine and pills in her father's car so she could get full custody of the child. We thought that stuff only happens in movies!

Slacker says he has live the rock star life and has hit an A chord and have everyone cheer for  him while he hit that chord! He says that one thing that has happened in movies that never happens in real life. And it is getting hit in the head with something and they pass out. That never happens!!

Steve says he has always wanted to say, “Follow that cab!” He has been in high speed chases before because he made someone angry on the road. So him and his buddy pulled into someone’s driveway and turned the car off. The car that was chasing them drove right by.

What was your epic movie moment?

My epic movie moment was when I was getting bullied and I was tired of it, so I punched this girl square in the nose! It was awesome! I don’t know if that counts as movie worthy, but it was so cool!

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03/17/2014 4:16PM
Movie Moments
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