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Honestly, there is usually only one place you see a TV thrown out of a window…the movies! Unless you’re a 51-year-old woman that caught her boyfriend cheating! A 51-year-old woman got arrested after throwing her man’s TV out of an eight story window after she found out he was cheating on her. The boyfriend refused to bail her out and wants a new TV. 

Slacker says it’s just like bank robberies, they’re never like they are in the movies. They very rarely involve the whole bank and everyone in it.

Steve had a movie moment. He had just gotten out of his Audi, and the way the Audi lights work is that they stay on for 30 seconds and then go off. As he was walking away these two girls pulled up in an SUV and told him his headlights were still on. Since he knew they were about to go off he just lifted his fingers and they went out. It was too perfect, and the best part was the younger girl was amazed and said, that-was-so-cool!

What was your movie moment?

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Intern Elana

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08/20/2013 6:16PM
Movie Moment
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08/20/2013 7:21PM
Movie Moment
Hey Slacker and Steve - I did not get through on the lines but have a great movie moment. It was back when I was about 17 - my girlfriends and I were driving home from school and need to change lanes to go to my house. We kept trying to get over and the guy in the other lane kept speeding up, finally he looked like he was giving us space so we got over but I guess he felt like we cut him off. Maybe we did - I don't remember the details of that part much. He then proceeded to drive right up on our bumper - about a foot away and follow us that way. I said "its ok we can turn into my neighbor right ahead". We turned and he followed us and we turned again and he followed us. So we decided to go away from my house. My friend actually stopped at the stopped sign, the guy pulled around us and blocked us in. As we are reversing he gets out of the his car and starts chasing our car. My friend had this old Honda (kind of like a del sol) with a flat roof and it had an old luggage rack on it. The guy was coming quickly at the car yelling so I yelled "drive". My friend put the car in drive just at the guy got to us and he grabbed onto the luggage rack on the back as we went forward and across the corner lawn (taking out some bushes and flowers). I am sitting in the back seat face to face with the guy screaming and he lefts his fist and slams it on the window (cracking the window). He lifts his fist again just as we take a sharp right turn and he flies off the car rolling along the street. We hit the gas and drive. I look back and he is getting up and running towards his car. I scream "go, go ,go" We weave around a bunch of blocks and then past my house with the garage door open and the spot empty. We pulled in and shut the garage just in time to watch the guys speed past. The worst part was when we told me dad he said we had to go help the lady fix her yard because we damaged it.
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