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The holidays are fast approaching, and that means spending time with family. If you're married or in a relationship, that means spending time with BOTH of your families, and sometimes that creates a whole mess of problems.
Do you love your guy but can't stand his family? Do you hate them enough to break up with him over it? That's what a YourTango.com poll asked:
The Results:
                •Yes. It's hard enough to make it work without all the baggage. – 47%
                •No. The only thing that matters is our love, we can figure out the rest. – 38%
                •His choice. I'd make him choose between me and the family. – 15%

Slacker actually knows someone from high school she had a mild peanut allergy and the in-law was aware of it. Every year she would have holiday dinner at her house to control it. Finally the in-law convinced her to come there one year. Even though there were no visible peanuts on any of the food she ate she has an allergy attack. When she excused herself to the kitchen she noticed that there was a bottle of peanut oil that had been recently used.

Steve says it is good to be him. He doesn’t have to deal with in-laws. If they make your world so miserable it is not worth it.

Tell us about your Monster-In-Laws. What crazy things have yours done to you?

(Photo Courtesy of Flickr)

11/13/2013 6:28PM
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11/14/2013 1:03AM
monster mother in law
I was together with my ex for 10 years had 2 kids but ended up getting a divorce because my ex-s mother and all the females and I mean every single one do the same exact thing they get married have kids get everything they want then drive the fathers completely out of their lives take everything and raise their kids believing the fathers are monsters. She was raised all these years believing her father abused and tried to hurt her according to her mother come to find out her mother lied and now are trying to do the same to me. I am the only male that is doing everything to stay in my children's lives and now they repeatedly are having bogus restraining orders filed against me and they are telling my kids I abused them which was proved a lie in court multiple times because I caught her cheating and using meth. I have been stripped of absolutely all my rights and she and her mother will stop at nothing to force me out of my kids lives. No one will do anything or help. the court system is broken and no one cares.
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