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Mommy Confessions

Mother’s day is coming up and some moms are confessing to their secrets.  A website called Scarymommy.com is a place where some moms go to make their confessions. Here’s some of the things they’ve confessed. ​
• I hide when my kids throw up so my husband has to deal with it.
​• When I'm really tired I accidentally blurt out the correct answers to my son's homework so we can get done faster.
​• I know how to clean a house but have no idea how to keep a clean house.
​• I pass gas in front of my toddler.
​• Last week, I was caught eating Nutella from the jar. Not wanting to share, I told my kids it was poop. They, in turn, told every single one of their friends that I eat poop from a jar. Whatever. I'd do it again.
​• I rush home from work so I can crawl into bed and snuggle my dog for 15 minutes before my husband gets home with the baby ... and sometimes, when they walk in, I'm disappointed they are home already.
​• I actually considered waxing my 7 year old daughter's mustache before her communion
Slacker says he also runs away when his kids start vomiting. If he knows they are not going to choke to death he doesn’t want to be around to hear or see it. He also skips pages in books so he can go to bed. He enjoys those 15 minutes when he can be home alone before the kids get home from football and karate.

Steve says if he ever were to get tired reading a bedtime story he would make up the pages and then skip to the end. He agrees with the kids thinking nutella is like poop. He would put vodka in sippy cup as a better disguise.

What's your mommy secret?

Intern Courtney

Photo Courtesy: Freedigitalphotos.net

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05/08/2014 6:22PM
Mommy Confessions
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