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Mom (And Fetus) Kickin' It At Ultrasound Parties


For those of you that haven’t been around a pregnant person recently, there is a new development in the world of ultrasounds.  Licensed ultrasound techs can show you 3D pictures of your unborn child!  The excitement doesn’t stop there either…parents to be can host a 3D Ultrasound party for their loved ones to catch a glimpse of the baby also… It sounds like tons of fun but there can be some downsides to it…

Slacker thinks that the 3D ultrasound itself is pretty cool.  But being a father himself, he can recall the intimate moments during the ultrasounds with his children.  His fear or concern about having the people you love most around while doing it is having an audience while you possibly find out that there are complications or problems with the baby.  He had a friend that did one and they found out that the baby had died.  He feels very strongly that some information doesn’t need to be shared with everyone right away.

What do you think about these Ultrasound parties and would you want one?

My beautiful nephew was born just a couple months ago and I had the great pleasure of attending one of these parties before he was born.  I never asked my brother and his girlfriend if there was a specific reason that they were doing it or if it was just for the family to be involved and part of it.  But my brother and I share a very special bond that we were hoping would not carry over into his son/my first nephew…  All parents hope for their children to be happy and healthy, but our parents were greeted by children with “deformities.” (I hate that word.)  But, we are both very happy, healthy and functioning and luckily so is the new baby.  I do know that we were both looking in the ultrasound to make sure he had all his fingers, toes and ears…So I think they are a very cool thing.

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01/03/2013 7:29PM
Mom (And Fetus) Kickin' It At Ultrasound Parties
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