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Miss Bumbum Brazil - SCANDAL!!

I've never been to Brazil, but from everything I've read, the only two things that matter there are soccer and nice buttocks.  Which is why this SCANDAL might ROCK the entire country of Brazil to its very core.



There's a contest every year in Brazil called Miss Bumbum, which names the woman with the BEST BUTT in the country.  It's SUCH a prestigious title that the winner and runner-up become legit celebrities with endorsements and modeling contracts.



Well . . . we're just a few weeks away from this year's winner being named, and there's word that two of the 15 finalists have paid MASSIVE BRIBES to the judges.



Those two contestants are 25-year-old Mari Sousa and 24-year-old Eliana Amaral.  Apparently, they each paid more than $30,000 to have the contest end with Mari as the winner and Eliana in second place.



That's not the only scandal around these two.  There's also word that Eliana has BUTTOCK IMPLANTS . . . which would disqualify her from winning.



The winner will be named on the 15th of next month.  There's no word on what kind of investigation is going on to figure out whether these two really did bribe the judges.


Click HERE to see pics of the ladies in question.

(Daily Mail)




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10/28/2013 6:34AM
Miss Bumbum Brazil - SCANDAL!!
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10/29/2013 1:57PM
she really blew it, she was among the favorites to win! she could have made it! I found lots of her pictures here
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