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Miserable Mother's Day


Did your husband/boyfriend and kids blow it this weekend? Did they get you something like a 16-channe; sports package for Mother’s Day? Did they totally forget? We’re her for you to vent!

Slacker did nothing for his wife for Mother’s Day…He says that he is not in trouble, because she didn’t ask for anything.  Slacker’s family went to his parent’s house and took them to dinner; because it was Mother’s day and his dad’s birthday.  After dinner with Slacker’s parents the kids were being rowdy, so his wife dropped him off at the grocery store, because she absolutely despises going; and he offered to walk home…on the walk home everyone and their mom (literally) was outside enjoying the nice weather.  So not only did Slacker walk all of the way home carrying a watermelon, everyone was and some women even tried to pick him up… but he stayed walking (and not cheating on his wife, by the millions of women who tried to pick him up).  

How miserable was your Mother’s Day?

I gave my Mom her card and present early, to be fair she was with me when I ordered it and I felt that it would have been rude to make her wait.

Intern Lauren

(Photo courtesy from freedigitalphotos.net)

05/13/2013 4:26PM
Miserable Mother's Day
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