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Miracles happen every day. An Indonesian girl Raudhatul Jannah was swept away in a tsunami in 2004, after she couldn’t be found, she was pronounced dead. A decade later and she was reunited with her family! A small single engine plane lost all power when trying to land. The plane ended up crashing into a fence that boarded a street and not one person was hurt. A Florida pastor was shot in the head during a road rage incident; he cut off another driver but wasn’t expecting violence. When police arrived, he was alert enough to give them a description of the shooter.
Slacker says his own kids would perish; they can barely handle the bathtub! He really thinks the child being found a decade later is a miracle because she lived, but mainly because she was found later by a family member! Slacker does believe miracles happen. “Mericuls!”
Steve says when you get shot in the skull; it will travel around your skull and exit, which makes it not a miracle, but a scientific fact. Steve has a perfectly reasonable scientific explanation as to why all these stories have happened, none being a miracle.
Have you been witness to a miracle?
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08/12/2014 7:01PM
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08/13/2014 5:37PM
slippery road
On their way back from a Christian revival my girlfriend an her family were in their van driving home singing Christian songs and the roads were extremely slippery. All of a sudden they hit a really slippery area and went flying into the ditch. All of them at the same time were calling out to the Lord for help and the van was lifted up out of the ditch and back onto the road without a dent or scratch on it. They stopped and looked at the area where they went into the ditch. There were tire marks in the snow where they went into the ditch but the tracks stopped and no tracks where they came out.
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