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Messy Children


In Washington, a café owner took a picture of how messy one of her tables was after a mother brought her children into the café. She took to the Café’s website to publicly same the mother and she’s been getting some negative feedback for it. Angry parents are writing back saying the Café should respect parents and be more understanding. The store owner says she only meant for it to be snarky and funny, but the mother felt embarrassed. So, we want to ask, is it okay for a restaurant to do that? Should the mother have cleaned up after her children? Should all parents clean up after their children in a restaurant?

Slacker says there would be no need for a bus boy and many would lose their jobs, for example in a hotel if he cleaned up completely after himself.

Dave used to work at a restaurant and he says as a decent human being you should clean up after yourself. At least put the trash in the trash can and tidy up a little. Dropping a crayon under the table is completely different than flinging crackers and crushing them all over the place.

For Slacker, if he comes into restaurant with glitter glue and you have to clean it up, he’s a horrible human being, but if its stuff the restaurant supplied than it’s not his fault.

Intern Blaire

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08/07/2013 7:26PM
Messy Children
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