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A brawl broke out involving 300 people at a New Jersey wedding reception. Two off duty cops who were working as security said the fight quickly grew to 80 people who were shoving and screaming at each other. Cops called for backup but the crowd grew to 300 people before help arrived. Cops from three other departments responded to the fight to help calm things down. It took another 45 minutes to clear everyone out because people refused to leave the area. Cops didn’t say how the fight started.
Slacker says the open bar is to blame! New Jersey is the capital of melees, because a house party broke out into a brawl which ended in two people being shot. Slacker caused a melee at a birthday party, but luckily for him, he stole all the taps from the kegs.
Steve said he witnessed a melee once that involved girls, guys, children, everyone! It then moved outside and got even bigger. Steve said he blocked a girl from hitting another girl, a dude from afar saw him, ran after him, and threw him into the melee! Hang out with the girls, stay away from the melee.
Have you ever been involved in a huge melee?
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08/04/2014 6:52PM
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