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We’re talking melee! Close to 4,000 University of Delaware students rioted in the streets of Newark after a party being filmed by YouTube documentary hit series 'I'm Shmacked' spiraled out of control. The trouble began at around 11.30 p.m. and took around 75 police officers and 60 squad cars from around the state to bring the disorderly crowd under control leading to the arrest of three people. According to BroBible, hundreds of people packed into one of the frat houses in anticipation of the Shmacked party bus, but cops broke the festivities up before the crew arrived. With hundreds of drunkards wandering aimlessly through the city's streets with nowhere to go, an unruly mob soon began to form, and it wasn't long before the get-together turned into a full-scale riot. Students began turning over trash cans and damaging signs as the crowd swelled to "several thousand people". Reinforcement soon showed up in the form of some 60 police vehicles from all around the state.

Have you ever been involved in a riot?

Stay classy!
Intern Kirstyn

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09/12/2013 6:25PM
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