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Mean Girls


Being a woman in the workplace in a position of authority is getting harder – not because of stereotypes or sexual biases of male peers and subordinates, but because women are awful to each other! A recent Gallup poll found that Americans prefer that their bosses be male – even the majority of female employees prefer it that way. It turns out that women aren't just ruthless to each other in social situations – they turn on each other in the professional world too. According to an article in Forbes, "Female subordinates are often less respectful of, and deferential to, their female bosses than they are to their male bosses. They question more, push back, and expect a certain level of familiarity or camaraderie that they don’t expect from the men. This speaks to the long tradition of women being notoriously hypercritical of one another."  Researchers even found that women are much more likely to form negative opinions about other women, even friends, much more quickly and often than men do with other guys. Basically, women are mean to each other! Instead of looking at other women as members of the same team, they look at them as competitive threats. Guys don't do that. And for a woman in business, that can be a difficult tightrope to walk. You have to be tough for your male employees but you have to make your female employees feel unthreatened by you, and then you still have to get your job done. That's a lot of different hats to wear in one workday. 
Slacker says that whenever they have had a female boss it seemed like they needed to prove something! He says that you have the authority and title why do you need to flex your muscles! Slacker says that when he was in high school the guys would help out each other no matter the social status and the women were always on the hunt to attack other women!
Steve says that when women have a higher position its possible they are so mean because they have had to take so much abuse on the way up and they know that the women around her are normally backstabbers. He says that when he was in school there was a beautiful girl who didn’t have any money or anything materialistic, but the other women who had money and everything were always looking for ways to downgrade her because they weren’t as pretty as she was.
What is the meanest thing another girl has done to you?
Intern Tyler

(Courtesy Photo: Flickr.com)

07/23/2014 7:18PM
Mean Girls
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