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McDonalds & Amazon Raising Prices!

The only rule in life is that EVERYTHING gets more expensive.  So we SHOULDN'T be surprised by this, but we are.  Two HUGE companies just raised their prices on very popular items.
1.  The McDonald's Dollar Menu.  We'd heard reports that the McDonald's Dollar Menu might not be the Dollar Menu for much longer . . . and now it's official.  As of November 4th, it will become the "Dollar Menu and More."
Yes, there will still be some items on the menu for $1 . . . but it will also include things that cost $2, and even a 20-piece McNuggets that costs $5.  In other words, the Dollar Menu and More is basically just the MENU.
2.  Amazon Free Shipping.  This one caught us off guard.  For more than a DECADE now, Amazon has offered free shipping on orders over $25.  It's one of the reasons they became so incredibly popular.
Well, sometime over the past few days, Amazon VERY QUIETLY bumped the minimum up to $35.  If you pay the annual fee for Prime shipping, you aren't affected . . . you'll still get two-day shipping without paying extra.  (AdAge / Consumerist)

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10/23/2013 8:16AM
McDonalds & Amazon Raising Prices!
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