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Marriage Escape Plan

Yi boys! I’m not really sure why I’m writing you. I guess I just needed to tell someone before my wedding.  I’m getting married this weekend and I’m positive I want to, but I made an escape plan just in case I need to run. A friend from work will be waiting at a restaurant down the road before the wedding. If I need to, I can call her and she will come to pick me up and take me wherever I need to go. I know I’m not the only woman to ever do this (or am I?) and I thought maybe you guys could turn it into a topic. At what point should I call her off? Please don’t say my name on the radio!
During Slackers first wedding he spent the night before with his best man and the whole time kept asking if he was sure he wanted to go where he was supposed to, or somewhere else.  Even Lil D, his brother kept asking if he was sure, but the sarcasm was more prevalent.
Did you really have an escape plan?   
I think the fact that she has made a plan and it’s not a joke, she is going to run away, or not be happy in her marriage.  I am not sure if others have a full out plan made, but this seems a little much for hours of planning and quite a bit of cash that will be lost and to still not be sure.
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06/03/2013 7:24PM
Marriage Escape Plan
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06/04/2013 4:17PM
I wish
I didn't have an escape plan, but now I wish I had... And that I used it.
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