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Mandatory Marriage Class


If you're in Colorado, you may have to add marriage class to the list of things you'll have to do before your wedding day. There's a ballot initiative there asking that couples complete 10 hours of mandatory marriage education class before being able to get married.(If it's your second wedding, you have to do 20 hours and for lucky number 3, you have to do 30 hours.) This is all part of the plan for the Kids Against Divorce group, which says that the point of all this is to "better prepare individuals going into marriage to fulfill their new roles as spouse and potentially as parent, to furthermore protect children given that marriage is the foundation of a family unit."

Both Slacker and Steve think it is a good idea. They feel like a lot of people are in lust and rush into marriage not fully knowing what they're getting into. A lot of people feel like they are ready for marriage but they haven't thought about all of the things that come into their lives down the road. A class like this can bring those issues up and make people think about what they're doing before they actually do it. Both Slacker and Steve think that people should have to take a class like this before having kids.

Lil D thinks it's a slippery slope and a bad idea. He says that everyone has the right to pursue happiness and they are letting an outside source decide what would be good for them and their lives.

Do you think marriage classes should be required before getting married?

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01/22/2014 10:33PM
Mandatory Marriage Class
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01/23/2014 5:07PM
A Step in the Right Direction
I am a Relationship Coach and work on a Relationship Research Project at The University of Denver. I think it is a great idea to at least offer Pre-marital Relationship Ed Classes. Maybe it could be mandatory for people to be offered the option and to hear about what they are and how they could potentially help. There are many good pre-marital options available to couples and couples and people in general are not aware of these options. After listening to part of the show yesterday, I realized that people do not understand what the content would be in a marriage education class. They are similar to a parenting class - they are NOT therapy nor are they therapeutic, they are educational and can help you start off on the right foot before you get into bad habits. The classes teach communication skills, conflict management, the importance of commitment and other skills and tools that have been developed after years of research following couples over time. You can find more information at: LoveYourRelationship.com and PREPinc.com
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