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Momma always said to stay away from the “bad boys”… but it might the mama’s boys you have to look out for … DUN DUN DUN! According to a survey of relationship experts by, women CAN change a man.  96% of the experts say that great husbands are made, not born . . . and 85% say that women can reform a guy who's a 'bad boy' and have a long-term relationship with him.  But 88% warn women to stay away from mama's boys.

Slacker said that he usually calls his mom during every week day, but not to an annoying or odd extent; only when he has time.  And then something about corn…

Is your man a mama’s boy?

I’ll stick with the “bad boys.” ;)

Stay classy!
Intern Kirstyn

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03/27/2013 7:20PM
Mama's Boy
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03/27/2013 7:52PM
On a completley unrealated topic...sweet corn..
I actually sprinkle it with taco seasoning and butter, then wrap it in tin foil and grill it. (With the husk still on it)
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