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Make Him Jealous


A new survey says that 40% of women admit to purposely making their men jealous to test the strength of the relationship.  They followed one woman who planted a condom in their bed to purposely make her man jealous.

Slacker and Steve think that most women are lying on the survey and believe the number is probably way higher than 40%. Slacker once dated a woman who when they would go to a pool bar, and he would go up and get them drinks, when he came back she would be playing pool with some other guys.

Steve knew of this one girl who would text her boyfriend “damn girl you’re good looking,” so that he would get jealous thinking some guy took her phone and was checking out his girlfriend. Steve doesn’t do the whole jealousy thing. If some girl isn’t interested in him, he doesn’t even blink twice…he just says peace out!

Have you done something intentional like this to make your man jealous? Did it blow-up in your face?

With Love,
Intern Elana

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07/16/2013 7:28PM
Make Him Jealous
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