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One of Slacker's first purchases as an adult was a table for his house, but now his wife decided it's time for it to go. He claims it was a symbol of his manhood, and will always miss it.

Slacker says he knows this is stupid and he isn’t a hoarder.  He also kept his pirate shirt that he wore as a rock star in his band. But his wife gave those up without asking him. He says this table is a rod iron glass table he got from Pier One and it is sentimental to him. He knows it’s no longer cool and its clunk, but he still loves it.

Steve says he thinks Slacker felt very much like an adult when he bought that table because he only had the futon and TV in his apartment. It has sentimental value because it has seen different houses, wives, and pets. He thinks Slacker’s wife is insensitive for just putting it outside without saying anything. Men love their toys. He says he had giant metal chess pieces in his house and Slacker noticed they were gone. So Steve told him that every woman that came over mentioned how stupid they were.

What have you made your man give up?

I made my ex boyfriend get rid of his comic book action figures. I get the posters, and the movies and the actual comics. But the action figures were a bit much.

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05/05/2014 4:19PM
Made Him Get Rid of _____
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