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MacGyver Moment


Reddit recently asked its users to describe their most MacGyver-esque moments... Breaking into your own house with a bamboo stick, screw driver, and duct tape... fixing the alternator with a pair of pantyhose...

Slacker grew up calling the act of being MacGyver something quite different… quite racist actually and he was always so confused as to if that was correct or not.  He’ll just stick with MacGyver moment. One of their favorites was this story:

“When I would get in trouble as a youth of 14 or 15, my mom had a lock box with a keypad entry system where she would keep my effects (game boy, phone, laptop, etc). One night, while I was grounded, I collected dust from our grandfather clock and coated the keypad in it. I asked my mom if she could help me wash some grapes in the kitchen, and then asked to use my phone to call a friend about a group project. The water on her fingers cleaned the dust off of 4 numbers, and then it was just a matter of trying the different combinations to discover the code.”

What is your MacGyver moment?

Stay Classy!
Intern Kirstyn
(photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net)

05/08/2013 6:20PM
MacGyver Moment
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