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Look What Else Is Turning 30 This Year Like You

If you're celebrating a Birthday today or this week, Happy B-Day to you!  For those of you turning 30 this year here's some other things that are turning 30 with you.
- Chicken McNuggets.
-The Swatch watch.
-The debut albums from both "Weird Al" and R.E.M.
-Plinko on "The Price is Right".
-"Star Wars VI:  Return of the Jedi" and "A Christmas Story".
-The American minivan.  The Dodge Caravan debuted in November of 1983.
-The StairMaster.
-The camcorder.
-The Disney Channel, "The A-Team", and "Reading Rainbow".
-Microsoft Word.

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03/19/2013 6:33AM
Some Things That Are Turning 30 This Year Like You
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