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A man in Australia went to the doctor because it had an awful pain in his ear. He thought there may have been a spider, so he used a vacuum cleaner to try and get it out. He went to the hospital and the doctor told him it was a bug and tried coaxing it out with olive oil. The bug dug deeper into his ear and the doctor had to tweeze it out. It turns out it was a huge cockroach. The doctor told the man that it was the biggest bug he has ever had to remove, which means this must happen a lot. Gross!  

Slacker said that if he had a bug stuck in his ear he would submerge his head in water to make it come out. He questions this man because of how heavy he must have been sleeping by not feeling a cockroach crawling into his ear.

Steve said if he had a bug lodged in his ear then he would head bang like Will Ferrell in Night at the Roxbury.

Have you ever gotten something lodged in your body?

I got a fish hook stuck in my lip when my brother went to cast the line! It was awful!
(Photo courtesy flickr.com)

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01/14/2014 7:03PM
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