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Living a Lie


We discovered that someone we have known and trusted for years has been living a lie the entire time we've known him! One of our friends attended a college out of state. He watches their games even flies out to see them at times. Wears all of their gear and talks about the good old days when he attended this great school. Yesterday we found out that he has never attended that school for one single class!

Slacker said you can’t tell him you know since he is so committed. Slacker says he cares more than Steve right now. Slacker tells another story about a woman that has a bank account that is $800,000 and never told her husband. He found out when the bank called.

Steve buddy of mine got accepted to an Ivy League school and would tell stories. Mutual friend said that he never went that he got rejected when he applied. He does not even talk or make contact with him since he doesn’t know what else he has lied about. He almost doesn’t want him to know that he knows. He doesn’t know why he still cares.

Did you embellish your resume to get your job? Do you have a secret your spouse doesn't know?

I used to have a friend that told me she was pregnant every month or two and give me a crazy way that she miscarried the baby to get attention, I guess. She also told me she had twin sister that died because her dad was abusive. She had a picture and everything. Only to find out that the picture was of a friend’s baby and the whole thing was a lie. Some people think they have to make things up to be liked. It is a shame really.


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11/07/2013 6:34PM
Living a Lie
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