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Lie to My Guy


According to a new survey from the National Endowment for Financial Education, in one out of every three couples, one spouse admits to lying to his or her partner about money. And, 76 percent of those surveyed said lying about money has hurt their relationships. 
5 Lies women always tell men
Lie #1: "Oh! It's fine. I'm OK"
Guards on guys! You must know that she's not fine at all and nothing is OK. And sooner or later you will have to bear the brunt of her pent up emotions that she has somehow managed to hold back until now. You'll find her taking this emotional defense on occasions when you may have forgotten her birthday, taken her for granted or have done anything that hurts her.
Lie # 2: "I love you for what you are"
...and I don't want you to change. Well, may God be your saviour if you believe her for this. No wonders, if sheer pampering or impressing you might strictly be on her mind when she's saying this. "I just loved my wife whenever she averred this phrase. But gradually the knick-picking started and reality dawned upon me. At times it was my eating choice that bugged her, while at others it was my dressing style that she wanted to improve. Yet she continued to tell the blatant lie that she loved me for what I was," complained Madhukar Suhas, a Mumbai-based advertising professional.
Lie # 3: You stare, I don't care!
Either you are too lucky to have the coolest woman by your side, or you are getting an inflated ego without any reason if you believe her on this. No matter how hard she tries to look cool and composed, but the fact remains that no woman loves it when her man ogles at another woman. "After all, who wants to feel like second best? And the 'I don't care attitude' is usually to hide the vulnerability and a pretence. Most women hate their man staring at another woman," confesses Radhika Khattar.
Lie # 4: Your friends are cool!
This might not be a lie always, but many a times your friends are nothing but a 'passion spoiler' for your girl, especially when they pop up during private moments. "When we started dating, on many occasions we went out with my friends. And every time I used to ask her, 'I hope you are enjoying?' she answered, 'They're cool!' The real shock came when one day I was planning another group date and she gave me a good piece of her mind. It's then that I realised that she didn't love them as much I thought she did. But she could have initially told me," says a 20-year-old college student.
Lie # 5: Tell me, trust me I won't get angry
This one is tricky, leaving you with a ditch on one side and a bigger ditch on the other. This lie is usually thrown at you when she wants an honest opinion and knows what it can be, but still wants to hear it. Beware guys! Irrespective of what you say, she is going to get furious for sure. This usually happens in questions related to her looks, the food that she cooks, that tangy orange shirt she brought for you etc.
Slacker says not to ask him because his life is an open book. He says that what he really lies about is when he buys a new shirt from Macy’s. Slacker claims that he drives to a gas station after he buys it, throws away the tags, and then after he gets home hides it in the hamper until he dry cleans it! He says that his wife wouldn’t care but he just feels guilty for doing it!
Steve says it’s kind of weird of Slacker to hide the fact that he bought a new shirt. He says that a lot of married couples do things like Slacker and hide the little things.
What is the biggest lie you’ve told your spouse?
I personally would lie about how much money I truly have in my bank account. I just don’t feel comfortable letting my girlfriend know that!
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07/09/2014 6:16PM
Lie to My Guy
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