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Did you know that graham crackers were first invented to curb lust and sexual desire?? Back in the 1830's Sylvester Graham, an evangelical minister believed that the greatest health concern facing Americans was rampant sexual desire. He believed a boring diet would suppress these urges, so he made his own sugarless creation calling it Graham bread.

Slacker grew up poor, but all he would eat was graham crackers and dunk them in milk. His mom would frost graham crackers with her homemade chocolate frosting and he loved it. Slacker asks all listeners of the show to stop by the grocery store and get a box of them and experiment with them. He asks you eat one and see if you are ready for relations or if it makes you tired and not want to have relations.

Steve says let’s learn!!!

What interesting facts do you have rattling around in your brain that we should know?

Did you know that elephants stay together in their families for their entire lives? Mama elephant, Daddy elephant, and the babies, even Grandma, Grandpa, and so on.  And when one dies, they mourn like humans and bury their dead. Even if it takes days to bury them, they will. Very interesting stuff. And touching.

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01/21/2014 4:24PM
Let's Learn
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