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Left Em Alone


Don’t leave them alone because they are sure to get into trouble on way or another. Did your kid flood the house with bubbles when they put the wrong soap in the dishwasher? Did your husband let the kids bungee jump from the second story? Did your co-worker empty the company’s bank account by mistake?

Steve doesn’t bother reading the terms and conditions things online he just clicks “I agree” This can get you I trouble these days, says Slacker, since your kids probably know how to use your iPad better than you do. If you leave your kids alone with your devices then they will purchase things on it because they are kids. One story stated $680.00 in charges on their bill. Man drinking while wife is at the spa loses room key and decides to pull fire alarm.

Sometimes people just can’t be trusted to be alone… what happened when you left ‘em alone for one second?

My ex husband was left alone and got 3 young kids inebriated then my sister got seriously injured so I came to take her to the ER. Then he went home and couldn’t find his house key so he tried to get in through the window and broke one of the panes of glass. Then he decided to break in the door breaking the door jam. A neighbor saw the whole thing and called the cops. Swat surrounded our house and took him to the ground and cuffed him because they thought he was a burglar. I got a call in the ER. 


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10/17/2013 6:37PM
Left ‘Em Alone
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