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Slacker and Steve  were planning on playing cards this weekend, but when they got there the escalator was broken and Steve didn’t want to walk up all the stairs... They had been planning this for a week and the entire plan fell apart because of a broken escalator.
Steve didn’t want to walk up the ‘9 flights of stairs’ because he didn’t want to be the sweaty guy at the poker table, and on top of all of that walking ALL of those stairs… to smoke would just be too much.  Slacker confessed to watching TV and not getting the remote because “it was too far away”…so he ended up watching the commercials.
When have you been super lazy?
I was too lazy to get out of bed, go down stairs, and get water…So I called my friend and made her get out of bed, get water, and bring it to be up-stairs.
Intern Lauren
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04/22/2013 4:26PM
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