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By now we’ve all heard the news that those 3 women who had been held captive for over a decade have finally been rescued in Ohio!

Slacker’s daughter was almost abducted had it not been for some quick thinking on her teacher’s part.  He also said that the “hey, your dad wanted me to pick up” scam wouldn’t work at his son’s school because that place is on lock down when it comes to people (other than your parents) picking up children from school.  They also gave some good tips on how to help prevent a child from being abducted: 1) go straight for the center of the body (the gut, the throat, etc.), 2) yell like there is not tomorrow and yell something specific like “help” or “I don’t know this person.”  
Have you ever been kidnapped? How did you escape?

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05/08/2013 7:16PM
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05/08/2013 7:59PM
Almost kidnapped
The man who tried to kidnap me asked for directions to the school which was only two blocks away. I was in second grade so I only knew right and left not the street names. I told him right, left, right and there it is. Then he said 'since it's so close can you just show me and ill bring you right back'. (This was all taking place two houses away from my house.) So i said I would go get my mom to help him. He yelled 'no' and tried to grab me but i was already running to my house. I got inside and told my mom.
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