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Kid Damage

A woman in China let her four-year-old son play with an old book and rip up the pages to keep him entertained. She left him by himself for an hour and continued to hear the sound of shredding. Once she came back into her bedroom she discovered her toddler had gotten ahold of their cash box and tore up all the cash in the box. It was $5,000! The family's entire life savings was torn to pieces in a matter of minutes. Kids do the darnest things!

What is the worst damage your kid has done?

Slacker and Steve both say this is adult damage. Slacker hates the fact that the kid was tearing up books. The serial number poilcy doesn't exist in China and there goes their savings. They think the parents are complete idiots. Slacker gave his kids a bunch of leggos to build a Star Wars Ship, the leggos scratched up their really expensive formal dining table.

I don't have kids, but I know that I was a terror for my mom to handle. The most damage I did was draw on our neighbors white Lexus with a Sharpie marker. Yikes!

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01/06/2014 6:17PM
Kid Damage
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