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Kid Complaints


Lil D and his wife are expecting their child any day now. We’ve been talking about it a lot on the show, and we’ve gotten some angry comments from people without kids...so now we’re giving the childless a voice too! We're basically giving the show to Steve to rant about all the dumb things parents do and let their kids do.

First, Steve is sick of all the parents out there updating us all with any little milestone your baby reaches. Guess what, EVERY BABY DOES THAT! And while we're on that, we all don't need to see hundreds of pictures of your kid. THEY LOOK LIKE EVERY OTHER BABY! Second, when you have a young child make your family fly to visit you. Don't annoy hundreds of other people so you can take the kid to visit Aunt Myrtle. Third, stop expecting the entire world to cottle your child the way you do! This is the real world and not everyone is going to change to make life easier for you and your kid!

What do parents do that drives you crazy? What do they let their kids do that you're sick of?

(Photo courtesy from freedigitalphotos.net)

05/14/2013 7:30PM
Kid Complaints
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