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Julia Update

Last week, we talked to Julie who told us she knew her husband had been cheating on her for the past four years. She wanted to pack up her things, her children and run while her husband was out of town for a business trip.
Slacker asked if she was okay. He asked her what things she took when she left. She just said her name isn’t even Julie, she was just so scared!? He asked if she said any goodbyes to people or did she just go ghost, so she wouldn’t have anyone to say bye to. She said she lost all her friends being with this man.
Steve wants to know what it feels like to run away from life. He says congratulations and happy she’s safe!
Did she do it?
She ended up leaving, good for her!!!
Intern Alli

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08/25/2014 4:51PM
Julia Update
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08/26/2014 2:57PM
I honestly had goose bumps listening to her recount her story ! I am soooo excited for her bravery ! Stay Strong Julie you've Got This !! Don't look back . . . . . Before you think about allowing him to see your children PLEASE contact legal help . . . Just a thought any visits should be supervised . . . He might take them . . Good Luck to you !
08/26/2014 3:26PM
Turn The Page...
I was listening to this on the way to work tonight and I as well got goose bumps!!! I am soooo proud of Kristen for stepping out and taking CONTROL of HER OWN LIFE. These kinds of relationships are very dangerous and are unfortunately far too common these days. I myself was in a relationship toxic like this one and it took me 10 years 4 arrests (of my own) and CPS to get involved for me to finally open my eyes and leave for good. Statistics say if you leave once you always go back. I say to this sweet girl your family is worth more than a relationship like that take your babies and yourself and move on. I finally did and after the fight of my life I have my kids I am safe and the happiest most liberated person ever!!!!! The only support you need is YOU and those sweet children's faces....He WILL tell you you are not gonna do it without him... NO one will want you and that you are crazy and you will be back... he is an IDIOT and none of that is true!!!!! You are beautiful... Smart... and STRONG. You took the first step..the hardest part is over...please stay away from someone like that you and your kids deserve better.... if you find yourself in Indianapolis and need help or advice call the Julian Center they will help you...Good luck girl keep your head up you will do fine as long as you are away from him.
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