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Is it Real?/ Melee

Robin came on air with us to give us an update about confronting her husband and mother sleeping together after finding text messages. She ended up confronting them at her grandmother’s birthday party and it turns out her cousin Daisy is sleeping with her husband too. The confrontation got ugly and it led to an all out brawl of the entire family.

Slacker was astonished at first when Robin was telling about the brawl with the family, but then he questions her story because it is so unbelievable. He is right on the line of none of this is true and the best story he has ever heard. He says she is really good at telling the story and either she is a great liar or this really happened and is white trash news trash.

Steve says she sounds believable.  He thinks she is telling the truth and it is so real, especially after Robin said she will show them the police report from the party.

Do you think she is telling the truth? Have you ever gotten into an all out brawl?

I think this lady is full of crap. It seems way to Jerry Springer and she should’ve gone on there to confront them. It would have been way more entertaining. It is too outrageous for it to be real unless your family is that trashy… which would be sad.
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04/01/2014 4:28PM
Is it Real?/ Melee
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