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Is Taco Bell Coming Out With Breakfast?

Are you a Taco Bell fan?

I am, but usually not in daylight hours.  Well it looks like Taco Bell might be trying it's hand at breakfast!
In Orange County, California which is the home of the Taco Bell headquarters there have been sightings of a new BREAKFAST TACO at various Taco Bell locations.  And instead of a regular shell, it's wrapped in a WAFFLE shell.
The Waffle Taco has eggs and sausage wrapped in a waffle, covered in maple syrup.  They're selling for 89 cents.
There's no word on if or when these could go nationwide or when they're going to take it even further and make a waffle taco covered in Doritos nacho cheese. 

Thoughts?  Would you try it, I would!

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05/13/2013 7:50AM
Is Taco Bell Coming Out With Breakfast?
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