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Is ADHD Real?


Children are getting diagnosed with ADHD every single day. But neurologists have a huge problem with this because they think kids are being misdiagnosed. Children are naturally hyper and have tons of energy, but doctors prescribe them Ritalin, which causes many issues. It causes liver damage, suicidal thoughts, and suppresses puberty.

Slacker doesn’t think this is as real as people make it out to be. He thinks children are always going to be crazy and just be kids. They are going to be messy—every kid is at some point. I am a parent and there are days my wife and I struggle but that doesn’t mean they have ADHD. He thinks we live in a world where we want answers and we want them fast, so people go to prescription drugs.

Steve says when he was young as a kid no one had ADHD. Steve says that there are stories out there where kids take the medicine and they feel like their lives are terrible. He dates single moms and he has never met a mom where her child has ADHD. They’re like normal kids.

Do you think ADHD is real?

I think that there is such a thing as hyper behavior, but I don’t think people should be drugging up their kids. If they act up-- discipline them.  If they can’t concentrate—change their diet, let them get some more sleep. Every kid goes through this stuff.  I did. And guess what? I don’t have ADHD.

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01/07/2014 7:40PM
Is ADHD Real?
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01/08/2014 6:09PM
Its not just kids, adults can have it too and its not a bad thing however a gift
Adults have ADHD too. As a person who was diagnosed as an adult; I can honestly say my life functions so much better now that I understand it more. I'm not constantly forgetting things, locking my keys in my car, losing things, being late, and I can actually finish a project which never happened before. I can actually have a conversation without interrupting a million times or going off into a million different directions. Having ADHD is not a "disability" I consider it a huge gift. I have a thirst for life and want to experience as much of it as possible which is great- but when you have a career or are in school with demands, deadlines etc you have to be able to follow through on a task or hold a conversation, give a speech etc that is not all over the place. People with ADHD understand others with ADHD so well; and people without it can get very frustrated by people with it. How my doctor explained it (who also had ADHD) was people who have ADHD have brains that are like race cars; they can information so much faster than the average brain which is a really great thing; however as its always going its like having a gazillion great ideas but never able to write them down because they are off already thinking about something else. Its not a bad thing I consider it a gift, however there are many things you can do to help maintain a balance so that you can function in the real world. Meditation, getting excess energy out by exercising, eating properly, drinking lots of water, yoga, not eating sugar or dyes all have helped me get a grip on it so it can be used constructively as opposed to destructively. I also think that there are many great careers that a person with ADHD would excel in and wouldn't necessarily have to take medication such as being a radio broadcaster, race car driver or Jim Carey! haha
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