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Inappropriate Places for Kids


In New York a new rule is going into effect for bars and restaurants that 8 o'clock will be the cut-off for babies to be in bars.  Many other cities across the nation are also considering putting this rule into effect.  Adults are tired of having to watch their language around children and they are tired of parents reprimanding their behavior around their children. Then stop bringing your kids into an adult atmosphere. 

The most inappropriate place Slacker watched a woman bring in a baby carrier and infant into the smokers lounge at the airport.  Steve has seen kids at the gentle men’s club, along with shopping marts at 2 or 3 am… Both Slacker and Steve are for kids having a curfew at adult places.

 Where is the most inappropriate place you've seen a kid?

I have seen little kids at bars and past a certain time I find it inappropriate; especially at bars late at night it is really weird seeing kids out…I don’t see a problem to the bar side of this but if a place is predominately a restaurant 8 o’clock might be a little early.

Intern Lauren

(photo courtesy from freedigitalphotos.net)

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04/01/2013 7:21PM
Inappropriate Places for Kids
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